2018 Summer Class Offerings


 Jazz technique (age 10-18)  June 28,July 5,12.19 7:30-8:30 p.m.  $44.00

Great for any dancer! Get ready for a WORK OUT! Class will focus on technique including turns, leaps, and tricks. This class is for the dancer who wants to learn and improve.




 Bitty Body Hip Hop (age 3-7) June 28, July 5,12,19  5:30p.m. $44.00

The cutest class ever! Totally age appropriate hip-hop for the beginning dancer. Be ready to bust a move! Boys encouraged to attend!!


For Fun Hip-Hop (age 7-11)  June 28,July 5,12,19 6:30-7:30p.m. $44.00

A fun,fun, fun class for any dancer just wanting to move to the newest hits


Advanced Hip- Hop (age 12 and up)  June 28,July 5,12,19,  7:30-8:30p.m $44.00

A great stay in shape class for the skilled hip- hop dancer. Be ready to bust a move and have fun.

Class may include a fun video shoot at an outdoor location.




   Ballet Technique Intensive  (age 12 and up) $50.00 dates and time TBD

This class will be by invitation only and will focus on using Ballet basics as well as other techniques to increase flexibility and strength in each dancer. Since Ballet is the foundation for all dance, this will serve as a great base for any dancer. With increasing strength and flexibility, difficult leaps, turns, and jumps will seem easy.  Recommended for all Competition dancers.  Ballet attire required. Indicate on form if interested. If accepted you will receive an invite with more info.


Basic Ballet Technique  (ages 8-13) June 28, July 5,12,19 5:30-6:30 p.m. $44.00

A recommended class for any dancer wanting to learn or  improve all dance skills. Ballet is the base of all dance and this class will work technique on all levels


Privates with Amanda  (all ages) per appointment

 Miss Amanda is available to teach private lessons for dancers wanting to strengthen their technique or work on advanced moves over the summer. Please indicate your desire on form. You will be contacted by studio to arrange privates with her.











Summer Sampler  A  (Age 3-7)  June 28, July 5, 12, 19 5:30-6:30p.m. $44.00

30 minutes  each of Ballet and Tap.  A fun class to see if dance is your thing Get excited to dance in the Fall. A great introduction to the dance scene!   Tap and Ballet shoes not required, Wear shoes and clothes that you can move in.


 Summer Sampler   B  (ages 7-10)  June 28, July 5, 12, 19  6:30-7:30p.m $44.00

30 minute each of Ballet and Tap.  A fun class to see if dance is your thing. Get excited to dance in the Fall. A great introduction or continuation of dance into the Fall!




 SUMMER CAMP (required for all competition dancers, recommended for all interested competition, and serious dancers, open to anyone)


August  6,7,8,9  9:00a.m.-4:00p.m. (Thursday class will end at 1:00) $165

Classes will be divided into different dance and age levels. Ballet, Tap, Jazz, Hip Hop,Gymnastics,Musical Theatre, and Special fun classes. Stacey’s instructors and Special Guest instructors will be teaching the classes. Dancers are to bring a bag lunch. This will be an intense but fun 3 and 1/2 days of dance!!! Pre registration required!!!




August 6,7,8,9 9:00a.m.-1:00p.m. $85.00 or 9:00-4:00 $165

Come and give a dance camp a try. Same as All day only offering a ½ day for younger dancers.  Study with new instructors, try the Hula, and do a dance craft. Please bring a bag lunch and water bottle.  A great opportunity to dance just like the big kids!!




 Tap For Fun  A  (ages 10 -90!! ) June 28, July 5,12,19  6:30-7:30 $40 bargain rate… $10 per class so you don’t feel too guilty if you have to miss 1!

A fun class to keep up your skills over the summer, perform on the lakewalk, or just make Thursday music with your feet!!! Geared for any Tap level





Musical Theatre ( all ages) June 28,July 5,12, 19    5:30-6:30p.m. $44.00

A fun class for the creative dancer. Think Broadway star!!!Learn how to be a stage show dancer! Come with an open mind and bring your creativity! Song, dance, acting all in one!






 Int. Tumbling   (Ages 8 and up )  June 28,July 5,12,19  7:30-8:30 $48.00(Class size limited!)

Learn the competition tricks you have been dreaming of doing. Taught by a professional gymnastic coach not dance instructor! You must have some tumbling skills for enrollment in this class.


Beg. Tumbling   (Ages 8 and up )  June 28.July 5,12,19  6:30-7:30 $48.00(Class size limited!)

Learn the competition tricks you have been dreaming of doing. Taught by a professional gymnastic coach not dance instructor!  No  tumbling skills  required for enrollment in this class.




 Improv 101 (Ages 10 and up)  June 28, July 5,12,19 7:30-8:30p.m $44

No description. Each class will be different. No dance skills required just an open mind!




Private lessons in all dance subjects may be arranged with the instructor of your choice. Call 728-6080 to make arrangements. Prices range from $15-$40 for 45 minute sessions Studio is open for privates anytime by special appointment.




Summer is a great time to get a special group of friends to try something new. We will design classes to your requests. No idea is too crazy; Give us a call at 728-6080 to brainstorm!




Summer is a great time to get a step ahead on the competition season. Talk to Stacey if doing a solo, duet or trio interests you.



Do you need space for a dance birthday party? Rent the studio. Call 728-6080




Try outs will be held June19-20 from 5:30-8:30. An info meeting will be held June 18th at 5:30 for any interested new students. Call the studio at 728-6080 for more info.


FALL REGISTRATION/OPEN HOUSE     August 22rd 5:00-9:00

 Meet studio staff, select classes, purchase shoes. Perfect opportunity to have all your dance questions answered.


**If you are going to be gone some of the scheduled dates, talk to Stacey about reduced rate or makeup options, We totally understand summer should be for family, fun, ice cream and down time!!**


*You will be notified only if classes are cancelled due to lack of enrollment.*




Dancer’s name: _______________________Age: ___________


Address: _____________________________________Phone: ________





Classes Attending: __________________________________









Interested in Ballet intensive:______________days/ times not available:______________________



Request privates with:_________________Best contact___________________________

 Please mail form to:

Stacey's Studio of Dance Education

819 N 18th Ave E, Duluth, MN 55812




Because it is important for all of our dancers to be placed in the best class based on a variety of reasons including age, ability, friends, and class size, we do not offer online registration.  Stacey meets with, connects, and personally places each dancer in the class that will provide the best dance experience.  Please call the studio at 218-728-6080 for registration and class placement.  Thank you!


The studio offers Combination, Ballet, Pointe, Tap, Jazz, Hip-Hop, Advanced and Competition for ages 3 to Adult. (See description below)

  • Combination Classes - these classes are ½ hour of Ballet and ½ hour of Tap. Offered to students age 3-10. Students will learn basic Ballet and Tap skills in a  “fun and creative way”
  • Ballet This is a one-hour class offered to student’s ages 8-adult. Classes are divided by both age and class level. Students will learn a progressive Barre and Center Floor technique. Emphasis is placed on technique and terms.
  • Pointe - Same as Ballet, but done in Pointe shoes. Students will be placed on Pointe by teacher recommendation only. Students must be at least 10 years old and have a strong Ballet background. Also, the body must be developed enough to avoid injury.
  • Tap - A one-hour class offered to ages 8-adult. Students will learn Tap technique through a graded syllabus and rhythm method. Class placement is based on age and ability.
  • Jazz, Hip-Hop - A fun and trendy style of dance. These are one hour classes offered to ages 8-adult. Students will learn basic jazz technique, proper warm-up, stretches, and trendy moves. A limited number of Pre Jazz/Hip hop classes are offered to ages 6-8.
  • Advanced Classes - Special classes for students excelling in a dance subject. Placement by audition or teacher recommendation only. These classes may have the opportunity to compete or do special performances.
  • Clogging - A fun form of dance similar to tap.  Requires special clogging shoes.  Great exercise.
  • Tumbling - A limited number of tumbling classes are available for dancers who are ready to add tricks to their dance routines.  Classes are taught by certified gymnasts in a safe setting.
  • Competition Classes - Offered to students who want the thrill of competing, and an extra push beyond the normal class. These classes require special commitments, costumes, parental involvement, and have strict performance and attendance requirements. Placement by audition only. See competition info sheet.
  • Private Lessons available by appointment in all subjects per your request. Great for students who need extra help or an added push.