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2017 Picture Day Info

posted May 4, 2017, 2:46 PM by Stacey Dimberio

Picture date has been set for Sunday May 21st from 11:00-8:00pm. Pictures will be taken at the Stacey’s Studio (819 N. 18th Ave. E) this is a great opportunity for students to get their picture taken by a professional photographer without the studio-sitting fee. Because we will take both individual and group photos, it is important for every child to be there. Pictures are mandatory unless you have talked to Stacey and are on the excused list. Your assigned times are listed on the back side of this sheet. All efforts were made to schedule students and families in more than one class as close together as possible. If you would like a sibling photo we will do our best (time permitting) to accommodate you. Send siblings in together at one of your assigned times. We realize May is a busy month, thanks for taking the time to fit this special day into your busy schedule. If you can’t make picture day and would like to have your individual picture taken you can schedule your own appointment by calling Fifield Portrait Design. (722-3777) Please do this before the recital.



1.      BE EARLY!! We run on 5 minute intervals as long as everyone is on time and ready.

2.      If you are only in 1 number, try to dress at home as changing space is limited.

3.      It is up to you how you want to wear hair and makeup. A little makeup usually looks nice however these are your pictures.

4.      Pictures are paid for when ordered. They will be on display at both rehearsal and recital.

5.      Costumes must be completed by pictures. Sewn not pinned, proper shoes and tights. Have names on all costume pieces. No gum, jewelry, nail polish or underwear. Proper tap shoes ties are needed.



If you have any questions about pictures call the studio at 728-6080.

11:45 Thursday 4:00 Hip Hop—Camping Jive

11:55 Thursday 9:15 Combo—Bees

12:05 Thursday 4:30 Combo—Just Fishing

12:25 Black Ballet

12:35 White Jazz

12:45 Black Lyrical

12:55 White Line—Robots

12:55 Black Hip Hop

1:05 White Hip Hop

1:15 Platinum Tap

1:25 White Tap


2:00 Thursday 6:30 Red/White Ballet

2:10 Tuesday 5:30 Hip Hop—Fire

2:20 Red Jazz—Popular

2:30 Intermediate Pointe

2:40 Peanuts—Dancing In the Dark

2:50 Diamond—Unwritten

3:00 Peanuts—Wavin’ Flag

3:10 Diamond—Summer Camp Blues

3:20 Sparkler—Sweet Tooth

3:35 Starlet Tap—Jump

3:45 Sparkler Tap—I Won’t Grow Up

3:55 Starlet—I’m In Love With a Monster

4:05 Sparkler—Butterfly

4:15 Black Tap—Bus Stop

4:25 Starlet Ballet—Something In the Water

4:35 Jewel Jazz—Wild Things

4:45 Starlet Hip Hop—Play Ball

4:55 Jewel Ballet—Petite Fleur

5:05 Platinum—Haunt

5:15 Jewel—How Will I Know

5:30 Tuesday 4:30 Combo—I Love A Rainy Night

5:40 Wednesday 5:00 Hip Hop—Worship (Brianna & Hannah)

5:55 Wednesday 5:00 Combo—Catch a Falling Star (Stacey)

6:15 Wednesday 5:30 Hip Hop—Try Everything (Sophie)

6:30 Wednesday 5:30 Combo—You’re The Top (Brianna)

6:45 Wednesday 6:00 Combo—Flashlight (Rebekah)

6:55 Wednesday 7:30 Hip Hop—Jungle Book (Sophie)

7:05 Wednesday 6:30 Combo—I Got Rhythm (Brianna)



**Siblings, solos, duos and trios can try to squeeze in during the day, but cannot be guaranteed. We will guarantee you a slot between 7:00-8:00** You can call the studio at 728-6080 to see how times are running.