Recital Information


1.    Dress Rehearsal has been set for Friday June 7th at The DECC                 

2.    Each group has been assigned a 10 minute rehearsal block from 12:30-5:45 (specific time given below) ***All dancers must report again to the auditorium at 6:15 to rehearse finale. They must also stay for a complete run through starting at 6:30.  We will start with the finale so when your child has finished with their number, they may leave.***  PLEASE BE ON TIME!! If you are just 5 minutes late, you may have missed your rehearsal slot. 

3.    BE IN COSTUME.  We need to see costumes on stage to determine proper lighting etc. If you have more than one dance scheduled in a row you need to make sure there are some costumes represented from each number. For the second run you must make ALL changes.

4.    Please try to send an adult with students in case any last minute instructions are given out.


6.    Dress Rehearsal is for student and guardian only this is not a time for observers

7.    Any student not having returned tickets and/or money, or that has any outstanding balances will not be allowed to rehearse or perform.

8.    Tickets may be purchased but not returned at dress rehearsal. 

9.    Please do any video taping Friday as no video cameras will be allowed in the auditorium Saturday. Video cameras brought in Saturday will be taken at the door.

10.  Please make sure all costumes are totally complete by rehearsal.  This includes proper shoe ties, tights and all accessories. Students without completed costumes will not be allowed to perform.  Put names on all costume pieces to avoid dressing room mixups. NO GUM, JEWELRY, NAILPOLISH, or UNDERWEAR!!!! This includes pierced earrings.

I know dress rehearsal is a long time for all of us but it is essential to a good show.  Thank you for your cooperation.  Enjoy the show and dancers BREAK A LEG! 

Your assigned rehearsal time is:

12:30 Sweet Dreams - Platinum

12:35 Raining Men - Silver

12:40 Book of Love - Platinum

12:45 Turning Pages - Silver

12:50 Some Nights - Platinum Tap

12:55 Bluebird - Pointe

1:00 Nutty Cracker - Platinum Tap

1:05 Swan Lake - Silver/Black

1:10 Sleeping Beauty - Red

1:15 Poison - Black/Silver

1:20 Jump Up - Red

1:25 Sweet Nothing - Black

1:30 Broken Heels - Red

1:35 Seize the Day - Silver Tap

1:40 Jet Set - Red Tap

1:45 Stories Production - All Competition

2:15 Candy man-White

2:25 Check it out-Starlett

2:35 Happily Ever After - White

2:45 Fashion is My Kryptonite - Starlett

2:55 Red Riding Hood - White

3:05 Cookin - Starletts

3:15 Milfred - Mon 7:30 tap

3:25 Paperback Writer - Wed. 5:00 Combo Stacey

3:35 This is Berk - Mon. 5:30 ballet

3:45 Evacuate the Dance floor - Wed. 6:00 hip hop Amy

3:55 Remember When - Mon. 6:30 jazz

4:05 Toy Story - Wed, 5:30 Thurs 6:30 and Boys Hip Hop

4:15 Beauty and a Beat - Mon. 5:30 /Tues. 6:30 Hip Hop

4:25 The Call - Wed. 6:00 Jenna

4:35 Small World - Thurs. 5:30

4:45 Family Bible and Almanac - Tues. 5:30

4:55 Read a Book - Mon. 4:30

5:05 I Ought a be in Pictures - Tues. 4:30

5:15 Books Ahoy - Mon. 6:00

5:25 Winnie the Pooh - Mon. 9:15

5:35 Super Hero - Wed. 6:00 combo

5:45 Alice Production


EVERYONE BACK AT 6:15 FOR FINALE AND FINAL RUN you may leave after your dances have been performed



1. Saturday   June 8th at The DECC Auditorium

2. Showtime 7:00p.m. Dancers arrive at 6:15(No one allowed into auditorium at this time) Auditorium doors open at 6:30p.m.

3.  Report to backstage dressing room. NO COSTUMES ALLOWED IN AUDIENCE. *** Dancers will use back door entrance at the Bay side ofthe DECC auditorium. (marked at rehearsal)

4.  Absolutely no Cellular phones back stage!! NO gum, jewelry, nail polish or underwear with costumes.

5. Younger students doing tap should not put their tap shoes on until right before they go on stage. Backstage moms will help them.  Please have their shoes laced and with their names on them.

6.  Please send extra pins, and bobby pins. All hats headpieces and straps etc. must be securely fastened (sewn not pinned) no runs in tights and shoes proper color. Things falling disturb dancers and viewers.

7.  Pictures will be on display before and after the show.  They can be ordered at that time and must be paid for when ordered.

8.  Professional videos by NAV may be ordered through the studio

9.  All stage help must be there at 5:45.  Before other students arrive.

10.  Everyone sitting in the audience must have a ticket. Small children sitting on laps (age 2 and under) must be previously ok'd by Stacey (Dancers, stage hands, and dressing room helpers are the only people not needing tickets)

11.NO HOME VIDEOS SATURDAY NIGHT! They are distracting to other audience members  Video cameras will be taken at the door, if seen recording with phones they will be kept until after the show.

12.  ONLY ASSIGNED PARENTS IN DRESSING ROOM! You can drop your child off and pick them up after the show. Look for the dressing room with your child's class time listed on the door.  Feel free to send stuff for them to do.  Color books, games etc. Also carrots, marshmallows small not messy snacks and blankets to sit on really help. They will be watching the show on a video monitor. DON'T GO TO THE DRESSING ROOM AT INTERMISSION!! Trust me this works out better for both the kids and the quality of the show. Please obey!

13.  After the show, the students will be sent to their assigned dressing room. Please designate one parent to pick them up there. They will not be allowed to leave until they have a parent with them, Please don't bring relatives backstage the area is just too crowded. Take a walk backstage Friday evening to make sure you and your child know where their assigned dressing room is.

14.  Please enjoy the show, we want this to be a special evening for everyone.


16.  I am still in need of dressing room help.  Please volunteer!!

17.  If you ordered flowers, pick them up at the DECC Lobby before the show and reward your dancer after the show.

This should be one of my last poorly typed notes of the year. If you have any ideas on how to better the show or the studio, please let me know. Hope to see you next year. Have a super summer!!

Recital T-Shirt Order Form


With recital just around the corner it is now time to get your Commerative Recital T-shirt  order in. T-shirts are not mandatory but make great gifts, and provide a lasting memory

of the recital. Style will be a Black short sleeve t-shirt with the colorful, The Story…

Dancing Through the Pages logo. Shirts must be ordered by May 24. Make checks

payable to Stacey’s Studio and return the form below no later than May 24th.


Name__________________________class time_____________________


T-shirt size:        Youth X Small        Youth  Small        Youth Medium          Youth Large

                   Adult Small          Adult Medium         Adult Large       Adult XLarge


Price per t-shirt is   $16.00                Amount Enclosed _________________


Checks to Stacey’s Studio Due May 24th



“Story Book Dancing through the Pages”

Recital DVD Order Form


National Audio Video will be filming the Stacey’s Studio 2013 recital.  NAV is known for their professional quality and fast turn around.  Dancers love to see their own performance and watch their friends  over and over again. Order your DVD and relive the memories!




_________DVD”S  at $25 ________postage $5 per DVD $______ 


Total $_________


_____Save postage: Pick your DVD up at the dance studio June 20 from 5-7p.m


***checks to Stacey’s Studio due by June 11th ***


DVD’s will be mailed the week of June 23rd.


                        Mail to:___________________________________







Last Minute Information


1. Don’t forget about ticket sales. Please try to sell a minimum of 5 tickets per  dancer. This is a minimum of what we need to sell to cover the cost of the production.

2. I am still in need of dressing room volunteers especially for:  Mon. 9:15, Mon. 4:30 combo, Tues. 4:30 combo,Tues. 5:30 combo, Wed. 6:00 combo (superman),, starlets,  Red, Black, Silver,  (an idea is to pool to together and hire a mature babysitter for the group if no parents are willing)   

3. For the safety of your children we need at least one volunteer from each class.  See bulletin board in studio to sign up

4. A reminder that you will have to pay to park on both Friday and Saturday.  

5. No videos Saturday. Professional DVD’s are available for order. Photos of  the recital will be available to view and purchase. Go to and click onto the photo gallery.

6. Each class has been assigned a specific dressing room. Please have them  memorize their # You are to pick them up in their dressing room after the show.


7. Students are to be dropped off Saturday evening on the Bay Side of the DECC.  This door will be marked at rehearsal. NO COSTUMES ALLOWED IN THE LOBBY OR AUDITORIUM, UNTIL AFTER THE SHOW. DANCERS DO NOT ENTER THROUGH LOBBY DOORS. Stagehands will meet the students at the back door and bring them to their assigned rooms.

8. Auditorium house doors will open at 6:30. After the show, students may exit through the lobby.

9. There will be NO taping of seats allowed this year. ONLY BACKSTAGE and USHER volunteers will receive 4 reserved seats. These seats will be in the reserved section. These are not free seats, just reserved. If volunteering backstage,  see Cassie for your reserved seats.

10. Don’t forget to send a book for they are a prop for the finale

11. Dancers, family and friends are invited to go to Perkins on London Road after the recital. They have been informed to add extra staff.